Ex-Demo Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Head

  • Ex-Demo Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Head
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In pristine condition. Full 3 year warranty.

Elinchrom ELC Pro HD - Complete. Professional. Dependable. Creative.

The ELC Pro-HD Compacts 500 and 1000 are the worlds most complete, feature rich compact studio flash units. The result of over 50 years experience at the forefront of studio lighting technology. Designed and assembled at Elinchrom’s HQ in Switzerland the ELC benefits from the highest Swiss specification.

Everything you need in a professional flash unit:

- Lightning fast Recycling time (0.6s / 1.2s to full power, ELC 500w / ELC 1000w)
- Super fast flash durations (up to 1/5000s / 1/5260s, t0.5, ELC 500 / ELC 1000)
- The most accurate power stability
- Perfectly consistent colour temperature
- Proven reliability
- Unique EL "Creative Lighting Suite"

The Elinchrom ELC Pro HD Heads incorporate an OLED screen that displays every control. As well as Elinchrom’s stop based power scale, photographers will now be able to see the power in Joules, flash durations and many other settings.

EL "Creative Lighting Suite" - Three New Shooting Modes!

Sequence Mode - Allows you to sequentially trigger up to 20 ELC’s, in bursts or as a continuous cycle, to utilise the high frame rate of your camera.
Delayed Mode - Provides the option of first or second curtain sync and everything in-between, plus predictive syncronisation within a short sequence.
Strobo Mode - Enables you to take a picture with stroboscopic effects within a single frame.

For more information about the ELC’s and their features please see the Press Release.

The ELC’s can be bought as individual heads ELC 500 & ELC 1000 or in Kits ELC 500/500 & ELC 1000/1000. We also do Three Head Kits where you chose the heads included.

What's in the Box:
1x ELC Head 500
1x 16cm Reflector
1x Transparent Glass Dome
1x Sync Cable
1x Mains Cable

*Skyport USB module MkII must be used for Skyport Software compatibility

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Ex-Demo Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Head


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Top of the range Elinchrom head. Supplied with mains and sync cords, protective cap and spare modeling bulb
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