Upgrading your Phase One Back

Alex Ray
Upgrading your Phase One Back

Keeping up to date with the latest technology can be tough. When a camera manufacturer comes out with a new model you have a choice, upgrade, or stay where you are. There are pros and cons to both sides, but, often, the deciding factor is cost. This isnít helped by the common assumption that your existing equipment is probably not worth anything.

Thankfully, if youíre a Phase One back owner, we as a Phase One Partner have a very helpful trade-in scheme which allows you to realise a healthy value in your current back and use it to upgrade to the latest technology.

If your back is leased, most companies are happy to negotiate an extension to the lease to cover upgrades.

Upgrades are available for all old model backs, including original P series and all P+ series.

It doesnít matter if you didnít buy your original back from us, it can even be second hand!

Give us a call and weíll calculate your personal upgrade price. You might be surprised what your old one is worth!

020 7837 5649
0121 327 9220
0113 247 0937
Or, fill out the PhaseOne enquiry Form here.

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