Ex-Demo Elinchrom Zoom Pro HD Head

  • Ex-Demo Elinchrom Zoom Pro HD Head
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Ex-demo kit in pristine condition. Full 3 year warranty.

Elinchrom has a long tradition of excellent power packs & heads designed for professional imaging

Compatible with all power packs made by Elinchrom since 1979, the Zoom flash heads offer a new focusable flashtube and modelling lamp arrangement, accessible from both sides of the head to fine tune the lighting characteristic of every accessory filted.

The ZOOM PRO HD is designed to withstand extreme frequency of use. It is equipped with a 4000w/s heavy duty and super high quality plug-in flash tube to minimise changes in light characteristics and output, making it the best choice for heavy use catalogue and 3D turntable imaging. All other features and functions are the same for all ZOOM Head types.

Zoom Head Features:

  • User replaceable plug-in flash tube.
  • Small UV coated flash tube diameters for short flash durations and better subject control.
  • Includes transparent glass dome. Satin / Matt glass domes are an optional extra.
  • Efficient built-in reflector, with a 90° light distribution to maximise softbox performance.
  • Focusable flash tube and modelling bulb arrangement. This "zoom" function allows you to fine tune your light characteristic in your chosen reflector.
  • Reflector-bayonet with breech locking ring, fits all Elinchrom reflectors since 1974, allowing you access to a huge Elinchrom reflector and softbox range.
  • Centred umbrella fitting for EL umbrellas up to 105cm, plus additional umbrella holder on the tilt head for use with larger or non Elinchrom umbrellas.
  • Efficient low noise fan cooling. The fan spins slowly at low temperatures and fast when the head heats up.
  • Illuminated on/off modelling lamp switch, with LED overheat indication. The halogen modelling lamp shuts off, when the red warning LED lights up, until the head cools down, whilst the flash function remains active.
  • Aluminium chassis with fire resistant housing.
  • Extremely lightweight, only 2.3 kg, including the 5m heavy-duty flash cable.
  • The Zoom Heads can be either used with 110 V or 230 V Elinchrom power packs. Just the Halogen modelling lamp and fuse must conform to the correct voltage and value.

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    Ex-Demo Elinchrom Zoom Pro HD Head


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    Head for Elinchrom packs up to 4000Ws. HD tube gives excellent reliability at all powers. Standard flash durations. Has built in zoom mechanism. 5M cable attached. Supplied with modeling bulb and spares.
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